Call Super announces @phonoxlondon residency for February.

Tickets sold here.

"Sometimes I arrive, 15, 20, maybe 30 minutes into a set and I realize which one of me is engaged. I get which one of my musical faces is shaping my skin tonight. A Gemini, am I daydreaming about something I have already seen? Is there too much spit under my tongue? Swallow. Is the thought of playing one particular track sending me west? The thoughts slow a little. And then the tracks start to resist or collapse into one another and the set worms into vision. Each mix a small arch supporting a dome I can now see. I can also see which of me is here and can, hopefully, set out the comforts which make that version of me… optimal?

Phonox ! It’s been years since I played there and now a residency. A chance to let more than a few of these faces out. I had thought it would be nice to invite lots of people I love down to play unannounced, a surprise on the night and an always welcome shot of spontaneity. But then I thought my favourite sets were the ones where I felt truly lost in that spontaneity and that was something that could be given a big old space to thrive. Let’s do two all night sets! Release the gremlins within! Without! And…

And then how about just having two people you feel could do something really special too. I love programming multi-room spaces with lots of different types of artist, so how about when you have one room going further in the other direction? Make the focus focus itself.

Tarzsa and Amaliah are very different DJs but both have an exuberance to their talent and I can’t wait to play around them, with them, warming up for them, cooling down for them. I can’t wait to be in the musical space we make together.

A cup of wonder and memory. In a way, I thought, let’s go to the barest of bones with this residency and hopefully those feelings and  musical faces will have ample parameters to flood the club".