BLUEM is the recording project of Chiara Floris, a London-based singer/songwriter and producer from Sardinia, Italy.

After moving to the UK to study music, BLUEM self-released her first English-sung EP, Picolina, in 2018. Following three years of experimentation, the artist chose to take a deep dive into archaic sentiments with her 2021 project NOTTE, reverting back to her mother-tongue for much of the project, and receiving widespread praise in the Italian music scene for its thoughtful exploration of instinctive and primordial love. 

BLUEM’s work is grounded in a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, Sardinia’s unique heritage and folklore. Her projects invariably allude to ancient Sardinian stories both in the music and in the portfolio of visual art that accompanies each release. 

Alongside writing and producing, BLUEM’s music has been heavily influenced by her engagement with pole dance training. Since booking her first course on a whim, her relationship with pole, and the discipline that it demands, has become an informative part of her creative process. “I had to choose every day to be there. Every time I go, I choose to be there and risk it, and I choose to progress and get better.” 

Her radio show, MUSICA PER IL CORPO (Music For Your Body) broadcast on Milan’s Radio Raheem, showcases the important connection between the expressive movement of pole dancing and its soundtrack.