Avalon Emerson & the Charm release their latest single 'Karaoke Song' from the upcoming debut album.

On the track, “Intimacy isn't just the big ticket vulnerabilities, it's also the breeze blowing little pieces of leaves and dust between two people that you don't really notice until they're gone. Are you still reading that book? Are you going to do anything on your birthday? It's on a Saturday this year. How’s your dog’s training going? Karaoke Song is the wondering and not wondering that fills in the gaps where all those little things used to live.” - Avalon Emerson.

Listen here: https://ffm.to/avalon-karaokesong

Credits -

Director: Bella Webber Production

Company: One House DOP: Edward Hamilton Stubber 

AC: Joshua Baylis Editor: Mariana Moraes 

Colourist: Emmanuel Benjamin 

Production Assistant: Conor Higgins 

BTS: Maddy Steele

Styling: Lucy Isobel Bonner 

Styling Assistants: Ria Verkooijen Newton, Gabriela Malagowska 

Special thanks to Laylow London for the location.