Avalon Emerson has announced a new indie-leaning project called Avalon Emerson & The Charm.

The first single, "Sandrail Silhouette," is out today, January 25th, on Another Dove, a new label from the US artist and Nic Tasker in collaboration with One House. Co-produced by Emerson and Bullion, the track combines jangly, melancholic guitars with cello and Emerson's wistful vocals.

"The seed of 'Sandrail' started in LA a couple years ago, my wife Hunter strumming on her jazzmaster and me plucking some chords on my Hydrasynth," Emerson said. "I brought the snippets into the studio with Bullion and we laid out a few minutes of it and added some drums and I wrote some vocal melodies and lyrical thoughts of things that were on my mind lately. Then a couple days later my old friend from Arizona Keivon came into the studio to add some cello to another song, and we played him the 'Sandrail' sketch and nearly instantly he wrote the cello parts."

Stream here