Along with most of the world’s population, Fred Peterkin, the DJ and producer best known as Fred P, was having a tough time during the darkest days of the pandemic. The New York–born artist, who relocated to Berlin in 2012, found himself holed up in his flat, with little in the way of personal connection — not with people, not even with music. “Man, I spent a year in my flat here in Berlin, by myself,” he recalls of those dismal days. “For that entire year, I saw four people, and it got really dark. You need to have human interaction, or it gets weird.”

As soon as the borders opened and travel once again became possible, Peterkin retreated to a cabin in upstate New York. “I found myself out in the woods, and found a form of peace of mind in the silence,” he says. “It gave me a chance to come back to myself on a real level, because I was out there. Then I started to hear the music again, and it had a profound effect on me. It was an opportunity to recreate a relationship first with myself, and then with how I write music, and put it all together and maybe redefine the relationship.”

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