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Myd has always assumed the role of affable underdog. After more than a decade in the scene, the Lille-bred producer perfects his solo sound on Born A Loser, a 14-track LP released on the iconic French label Ed Banger Records, which embraces his status as a loveable loser. Indie electro grit meets infectious pop hooks, wrapped in a languid passion that brings depth to each peculiar note. It's a little bit folksy with a French touch soul, all fed through Myd's surreal filter.

Introduced to fans as a member of electronic band Club Cheval, Myd learned through tireless work and experimentation. It was a passionate environment upon which to build a foundation, yet there are always concessions and compromises involved with pleasing a group. After co-producing Brodinski’s album Brava and making beats for a host of rappers, Myd now stands on his own, unabashedly showcasing his eccentric flair, even singing on his own tracks.

At times, his music is fun and flirty, other times thoughtful, dreamy and warm with intergalactic fuzz. It's intimate, dripping with synth-heavy shine, and in its weathered corners and rich textures, lies the autobiography of Myd – at least in this moment.

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