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Foodman (食品まつり)

Zuzanna Kuczborska
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Takahide Higuchi, better known as 食品まつり(Shokuhin Matsuri) a.k.a foodman, creates music that defies categorisations – and is one of the few artists that actually fit this overused description. There are traces of almost every electronic music genre, from juke, footwork, ambient, house, techno, to noise, but those elements are dissected and morphed together then driven to extreme without giving you a second to come up with a definitive genre. The noisy technicolour of these borderline versatile or schizophrenic collages is borne out of his experiments (or accidents) and has titillated, confused, and enchanted music obsessives far and wide.

After releasing his debut album from NY/OH experimental label Orange Milk, his music has been released from international labels including Diplo's Mad Decent and its offshoot Good Enuff. His ever-evolving and mutating musical vocabulary draws from every kind of music he stumbles across, from Chicago footwork to Okinawan folk music of his roots, ambient to J-pop, Talvin Singh's Indian classical music/drum 'n' bass fusion to classic video game soundtracks, then twists them all with his playful psychedelia.

This extends to his remixes and DJ mixes, including his monthly residency at NTS radio mix, which was picked up on Pitchfork's 10 Best DJ Mixes of March 2017 list. Since playing his first show outside of Japan in mid 2016, he has appeared on Boiler Room, Low End Theory, and Unsound just to name a few, as well as headline shows across the US and Europe.

In July 2021, the album Yasuragi Land was released on Hyperdub. The album was voted best of the year by various national and international media, including Pitchfork's The Best Electronic Music of 2021.

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