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Eliza Rose is the East London DJ and vocalist who’s bringing together her love of UK soundsystem music and soulful lyricism.

A self-styled selector and resolute collector of vinyl, Eliza’s committed to playing dancefloor music that’ll make you listen as hard as you dance. Every cut she lays down has been specially chosen and her consummate taste means she’s as comfortable spanning genres during her Vinyl Factory radio shows and extended DJ sets as she is shelling down raves for promoters as diverse as fabric, Rhythm Section, Wavy Garms, Toy Tonics, Spiritland, Percolate and Boiler Room. Known for uplifting sets, she’s also become a rising star of the festival circuit, with Field Day, Lost Village, Love International, Outlook and Standon Calling all booked for summer ‘22.

Her journey as a lyricist began when she dropped some vocals into a voice note for her mate Angel D’Lite (‘Pleasure Xone 43’) and she’s gone on to collaborate with M4A4 on ‘Shades Of Red’, an EP of underground garage and neo-soul stylings, and Cody Currie on the ‘Flame’ EP, serving up rolling deep house grooves and sweet, sultry lyricism. When she sings, her love of Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse and UKG combine, and her voice dances across beats picked from the world of soundsystem culture. As a vocalist, she’s comfortable on house, garage, jungle, broken beat and even harder warehouse sounds too.

This versatility is a product of Eliza’s journey through music as well as her commitment to doing things naturally, from lyrics inspired by her everyday life and record collection to DJing only with tracks that mean the most to her, regardless of genre. Having endured choir practice for way too many sunny Saturdays during her childhood, studied music throughout school and put in a decade at the famed Flashback record shop, she’s more than put in her 10,000 hours as a singer and avid music fan-turned-record collector. Now Eliza’s in her own lane, as an artist and a scene leader.

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