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SHERELLE's Boiler Room Featured in RA's Top Mixes of 2019

SHERELLE's Boiler Room, already the stuff of legend, has been immortalised in yet another end of year list - this time featuring in RA's Best Mixes of 2019 alongside Eris Drew, Conducta, and Leon Vynehall. "Earlier this year, Sherelle's debut Boiler Room session—a whirlwind of footwork, jungle and grime—went viral. While it's easy for some high BPM DJs to tire out their audience, her set maintains an addictive high energy throughout, with explosive, playful transitions that sparked the dance music equivalent of a mosh pit. Wait for the gutsy rewind at 23:40 that shot her to instant (and deserved) fame." Read the full list
December 13, 2019

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