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RBMA Premiere DJ Python's 'pq cq' from Upcoming Dekmantel EP

"When DJ Python first came up with the term "deep reggaeton," it sounded like a bit of a joke, but as the years have passed and this unique NYC producer has continued experimenting with slowed-down dem bow rhythms and introspective melodies, his seemingly tongue-in-cheek descriptor now feels more appropriate than ever. On June 10, he'll be linking up with the Dekmantel label for the first time for a new EP called 'Derretirse.' Ahead of its arrival, we debuted the floaty synths and subtly booming beats of "pq cq" on Red Bull Radio's First Floor, our weekly look at what's new in electronic music." 'Derretirse' is released on 17.06 Listen to ' cq' here
June 1, 2019

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