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Pitchforks Reviews LCY's Pulling Teeth EP

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Pitchfork's Will Pritchard had some amazing word's for LCY's second EP Pulling Teeth.

"The EP’s title speaks to its visceral, sinewy nature: staked on taut exchanges of attack and release, and full of hardened percussion and fleshy basslines. Outside of the dentist’s chair, “pulling teeth” refers to a task that’s difficult, tedious, and tiresome. LCY makes it look easy."

The Bristol native's 6 track concept record released last week on her own SZNS7N imprint. It follows teh character of Ériu—part dog, part human, part robot—on a journey through a dystopian, post-human world.

Check it out here and read Pitchfork's full review here.

April 28, 2021

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