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Pitchfork: An Introduction to DJ Wey

For electronic producers and DJs, a name can offer a new identity or a veil to hide behind. Punk,, and DJ Stingray keep their faces physically obscured, while Twin and maintain airs of mystery. The Queens, New York-based DJ/producer Brian Piñeyro takes a different approach, releasing music under a fleet of different names: DJ Wey, DJ Python, Deejay Xanax, and “I feel like most of the musicians that blow up now have a very strong brand, and that’s fine, but I don’t care about that,” Piñeyro tells Pitchfork. “I have different monikers because I don’t want to forcefully be anonymous, but I also don’t want to forcefully fit into one cool package. I don’t find it useful for me.” Read more
March 6, 2017

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