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object blue and LOFT on the Power of Intimacy in the Club - Red Bull

"Everybody knows the intimacy of a dancefloor. If you've ever caught eyes with a stranger, or shared a moment of silliness, or fallen in love with a bassline while you're bathed in scattergun lights at 2am, you'll understand how it is that even in an anonymous, crowded space, you can feel intensely connected to the strangers around you. Even so, intimacy is not something we typically talk about when we talk about club music. Instead, we focus on harder, colder descriptors. But the work of both object blue and LOFT, two experimental producers based in London and Manchester respectively, is warm-blooded: each finds the moments of vulnerability and tension in samples of Cardi B and Ariana Grande, and each uses rhythm in loose-limbed, nuanced ways. They'll be performing together later this year at Red Bull Music Festival London, where object blue will be presenting a live audiovisual depiction of her new EP, FIGURE BESIDE ME – as the title suggests, her most tactile and loving work to date – and LOFT (who recently released her debut EP on Tri Angle Records) will be playing in support." Read the interview
August 13, 2019

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