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Oasis Festival: Key Performances - DJ Python

It's thrilling when a DJ set completely obliterates your preconceptions. Because he also plays live, Brian Piñeyro very rarely plays his own music when he DJs, nor does he play much music in that same slower, more cerebral style. Early on Sunday morning at Mirage, it was strictly bangers. His manner behind the decks—chain-smoking, constant furtive glances at the crowd—belied his technical prowess. Rowdy tunes by the likes of Special Request ("Make It Real"), PLOY ("Ramos") and Skee Mask ("Dial 274") slipped beautifully into one another. A couple splashed about in the pool as the dance floor swelled from sparse to healthy, peaking with a hectic remix of Strike's "U Sure Do" and Womack & Womack's "Teardrops." To finish, he brought the tempo right down, opening a leisurely closing medley with "I Am In Love" by Jennifer Lara. Within seconds of leaving the booth, a wide-eyed British lad bounded over to him. "Mate, that was my set of the year." Piñeyro grinned. Full article via RA
September 19, 2018

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