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Mwanjé Featured In Notion!

Mwanjé featured in Notion discussing latest single ‘Call 2 the Diaspora’, heritage, enlightenment and power of music.

'In her music, Mwanjé’s mission is one of connection, both cultural and personal. From the beginning, she has been preoccupied with questions of self-realisation and what it truly means to become oneself in the modern world. There’s a spirituality throughout that reflects the values with which she was raised – the idea that there is something greater to reach for in life, and something bigger than the self.

She has put those values excitingly to action in her latest single, “Call 2 The Diaspora”. In the song, Mwanjé connects fully and proudly with the multiplicity of pan-African artistry. The music video is filled with intricate realisations of African cultural touchstones, such as Nyanja, Bemba and Setswana dialects, traditional dance of the Tumbuka tribe of Zambia and Malawi from which Mwanjé’s father came, and the colours of the Zambian flag.

At its centre is Mwanjé, who was born and raised in Botswana but whose roots stretch across the continent. The cultural celebration becomes a metaphor for personal realisation and enlightenment, showing her ability to fuse together the universal and the specific in her own unique way.

To mark this impressive step forward for a burgeoning artist, we sat down with Mwanjé to chat about her use of symbolism, belief in the power of music, and her choice of collaborations.'

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April 5, 2022

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