One House

"Mafalda: “If a song is honest and has soul, I probably need to hear it.” - Untitled909

With her beginnings in the sun soaked, vibrant landscape of Porto, Mafalda has always been drawn immersed in creativity. From wanting to be a painter all throughout her childhood before moving onto graffiti in her teenage, hip-hop days, art and music has always been it for Mafalda. Her journey begins in the fashion industry where she was a designer before moving to London after seeing the likes of Sadar Bahar and Floating Points play at Corsica Studios. The experience of hearing jazz in a club fansicinated her, being a genre that you wouldn’t hear in clubs in Lisbon. Following the move, Mafalda teamed up with Floating Points, co-founding the reissue label Melodies International where Mafalda started with curating the magazine Melozine and designing some of the record sleeves. Read Mafalda's full interview with Untitled909
July 25, 2019

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