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Made in Mega Cities: object blue Features in Dekmantel's Deep Dive on China's Underground Talent

"Born to a Chinese father and a half-Japanese mother, object blue spent her early years in Japan and didn’t even think of herself as Chinese until the family moved to a suburb of Beijing. As a teenager she was “super sheltered”: “I was grounded for four years because I was caught going to a bar instead of a sleepover.” After a few years studying abroad, she returned aged 23 to brush up on her Chinese. “By that time I knew I loved techno. I went to Dada in Beijing – a great night. That’s where I ended up playing last year.” With another outpost in Shanghai, Dada is one of China’s longest-running techno institutions – but operating a successful club in Beijing comes with its own challenges. “There are a lot of creative people and a lot of subcultures in Beijing, but because it’s the capital it’s usually under more government surveillance,” her explains. “Nightlife is more effectively suppressed – there’s more police and stricter licensing.” Read the full piece
June 12, 2019

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