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Impact Mix: object blue - Mixmag

object blue provides an intense and cathartic Impact Mix alongside a deep-diving interview for Mixmag. "Soon object blue’s production became increasingly experimental, with feedback from friends, and one influential professor named Nye Parry, valued above her formal education. SIREN booked the first object blue DJ set in early 2017 and her first live performance followed at Cherche Encore a month later. A handful more gigs followed that year, including for London party and label Let’s Go Swimming. Together they drew up plans for her debut release, although this was pipped by the ‘Do you plan to end a siege?’ EP on TT in early 2018 after object blue scrapped the initial demos she had submitted to LGS and started from scratch, eventually releasing ‘REX’ that summer. Each EP made a marked impression upon release, incorporating influence from the syncopation and broken rhythms of jazz and sampling the likes of Cardi B, Aaliyah and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in pulsating, transfigured techno." Read the full interview and listen to the mix
June 29, 2019

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