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Farewell To The Fort: Dan Shake, Will Lister and More Reflect on Eight Years of Dimensions

"For dancers, artists and DJs, Dimensions Festival holds a special place as the source of many first time moments: visiting a festival abroad; experiencing chest-shattering techno in a moat; hearing music on a boat that isn’t euro-trance waiting music; dancing to the greats of all forms of dance music; playing to a packed out dance floor; even getting signed to a world-renowned label. Dimensions, and its sister festival Outlook, set the blueprint for European festivals and their success over the last eight and ten years, respectively, has inspired a peloton of chasers to try catch up and surpass. The fact that going to a festival is now as much an act of tourism as it is musical fulfilment has a lot to thank these two for." Read the full piece Photo credit: Dan Medhurst
July 16, 2019

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