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DJ Wey remixes Steevio on new EP

Steevio, the modular synth artist and cofounder of Freerotation festival, sounds nothing like Shackleton, STL or, say, Mr. G, but he shares something in common with each of those artists: his sound is his and his alone, and has been remarkably consistent in all the years he's been making music. Luckily, it's a sound that's very hard to tire of. Drifting rhythms and flickering synths define most of his productions, each of which aims for that liminal zone him and his peers seem to know so well, perfectly perched between dance floor and chill-out. Steevio's been honing this formula for nearly two decades, and is still getting better as time goes on, his sound more subtle and expressive with each release. Forgotten Futures, his new one on the Berlin label Wake Up! Records, might be his best yet. more...
July 4, 2017

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