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DJ Python Featured in Pitchfork's Best Electronic Music of 2019

DJ Python's Derretirse EP, released this summer on Dekmantel's imprint has been named alongside Floating Points and Peggy Gou in Pitchfork's Best Electronic Music of 2019: "Happiness, sadness, whatever: You’d have to be heartless to not feel whatever you’re feeling that much more after listening to DJ Python. His music, which blends Latin strains and house beats, conveys passion to almost strangely deep levels. He does it by layering inventive rhythms with plenty of long tones, something simultaneously for the head and the heart. “Be Si To,” a play on “little kiss” in Spanish, is the most powerful of the songs from this EP on stalwart Dutch label Dekmantel. The BPMs are slow and sexy, and you’ll definitely feel them in your hips, too. –Matthew Schnipper" Read
December 16, 2019

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