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D.Tiffany, 박혜진 Park Hye Jin, object blue and SHERELLE featured in Mixmag's 27 Best DJ mixes of the year so far.

D.Tiffany - "One of the most noteworthy DJ-producers to come out of Canada in recent memory is Vancouver's D. Tiffany. While she rarely posts mixes online, last month Groove Magazine locked in a podcast with this formidable selector who treats us to a rousing hour of unreleased music on Planet Euphorique and ISLA Records - the label run by her Ambien Baby collaborator, NAP. This amalgam of innovative club music shows us that this indefatigable selector, producer and curator is here to shake things up (in the best way possible) and she's only getting started." Listen 박혜진 Park Hye Jin - "A 24-year-old artist who seems to be able to do it all already, even in the earliest stages of her career. She's a skilled producer, bringing in her own hypnotic, half-sung half-rapped Korean vocals into her originals, and is a fierce selector, seamlessly matching the vibe of her own irresistibly dance-y tracks to Bicep remixes, FYI Chris, Jensen Interceptor and more. With a Boiler Room and Beats1 mix already under her belt, perhaps the best demonstration of her prowess comes via her i-DJ mix which was released at the top of this year. " Listen object blue - "She keeps things fast, hard and distorted, mixing with wild, post-everything abandon. Here’s wiggles of acid, gun-finger ‘ardcore, club (deconstructed or otherwise), the Doc Marten thump of tekno, rave stabs ‘n’ rap hooks, PC Music euphoria and tongue-in-cheek pop samples that appear momentarily, to remind us that, despite the fuckery, life is fresh." Listen SHERELLE (Boiler Room) "No other mix in the world this year has captured the attention as much as \Sherelle’s Boiler Room debut in February. A fairly bold claim, and hard to qualify, but one I feel justified making following the feeling in the room on the night and the viral sensation it became. A climactic clip has drawn more than a million views on Facebook. If you’ve been living under a rock, watch it and you’ll instantly see why. The moment is pure, unbridled, irrepressible vibes." Watch and listen SHERELLE (NTS) - "The energy that Fauzia and Sherelle evoke is infectious, as is their no-boundaries approach to choosing tracks: they burrow into deep, liquid territory before dropping tear-out tunes with glee, as well as the odd weird-as-fuck banger." Listen Thanks to mixmag for the picks! Check out the full piece and other top mixes
August 30, 2019

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