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Chelou described as a Psychedelic Alt-Indie Enigma

"A more acoustic cousin of Alt-J and Tame Impala, alt-indie enigma Chelou is taking the planet by psychedelic storm. The Camden-born multi-instrumentalist and producer chose a moniker that translates roughly to “bizarre” or “hidden” in French. He prides himself on his weirdness, both as an artist and as a musician, and it’s perhaps for that reason that he’s known to keep to himself. Having first made waves with his 2014 DIY EP The Quiet, which Chelou produced in his bedroom, his trademarked sound consists of reverb-heavy vocals and a blend of distorted instruments and synths. Pensive and eloquent lyrics reveal the depth of Chelou’s mind, even though he admittedly has “smoked too much weed”–he even used his grinder as percussion in his self-produced track “Words to Share.”" Check out Ones to Watch for the full review.
August 15, 2019

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